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Interior recovery

Surfaces recovery

Fabrics, hides, plastics and paints

Deep dry cleaning of carpets and rugs

Deep recovery of dry carpets and upholstery with vertical sweep technique and products that comply with AMS and BMS

Aircraft deep cleaning and disinfection protocol

COVID - 19

Preventive and routine

Comprehensive pest control monitoring

COVID – 19 Protocol

Image management

Comprehensive makeover for companies

Painting – plots

Posters – banners – backlights – gigantography

Vehicle decoration

Repairs, reforms and adaptations

Stairs – platforms – workbenches

Trolleys – wheel carriers – nitrogen carriers – trailers

Ceilings – gates – mezzanines – cages

Maintenance of vehicles and ground equipment

Sheet metal – painting – mechanics in general

Plotting – identification for airports

Repair of hydraulic systems and elevators

GPU – Light towers

Escaleras – bancos de trabajo